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ASSI - Accurate Surgical is pleased to be displaying the Trepsat Facial Dissector Scissors, ISSA Dorsal Nasal Rasps, Epstein Abdominoplasty Retractors, Gonzalez Gluteal Remodeling Instruments, Caridi Gynecomastia Retractor, Pfeifer Breast Caliper, Lighted Breast Retractors, Noble TRUE NON-STICK Bipolar & Monopolar Forceps, SuperCut Scissors, Ceramic SuperCut Scissors and our most complete range of the Finest hand Crafted Microsurgical Instruments and Clamps

ASSI Contact: Jim Allan​

MTF Biologics serves Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons in reconstructive and craniofacial procedures, burns and other traumatic injuries, while providing solutions in breast, body and facial cosmetic procedures.

MTF Biologics Contact:

David Paul

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