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2022 Medical Student Abstract Submission

The North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting Has Added a Medical Student Poster Competition for 2022!

To Submit an Abstract please see the guidelines below:


Rules and Guidelines

1. Abstracts must be from a Medical Student in North Carolina

2. The Medical Student submitting the abstract will be the main contact for all correspondence and MUST be the presenter if selected.

3. Final data MUST be included in the abstract. Clear representations of graphs, tables and photographs included in the abstract will be helpful in making the final selections. Images must be of excellent quality. Abstracts may NOT be more than 250 words.

4. Poster submitted may be on any plastic surgery topic. Student abstracts should reflect work done by the presenting student.

5. All abstracts must be submitted via e-mail to

6. All papers accepted for the competition must be presented by the submitting student - substitute presenters are not acceptable. Students that have their papers accepted will need to provide the final data in a digital poster format.

7. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your abstract submission. Acceptance notification will be made by the end of September. The poster presentation session will be made from the podium and the date and time are to be determined.

Thank You For Submitting Abstracts


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